Recording of steady-state and transient signals

Recording data is often used when there is a specific question to be answered: Is a system providing the desired power?

To answer this question, an electrical power measurement could be used, in which the currents and voltages are recorded. However, if the system does not generate an electrical quantity, such as compressed air, it is advisable to record other process signals (e.g. 4...20mA signal from the air pressure sensor) at the same time in order to also be able to evaluate the generation or the efficiency of the system.

In practice, this product is used in situations where no or insufficient recording measuring devices are installed to answer the relevant question.  

Other typical occasions where a recording of signals can provide clarity are:

  • Clarification of events/failures
  • Analysis of processes (plant performance) by recording the process signals
  • Transmission and propagation characteristics of occurrences in a network
  • Evaluation of the transient stress on operating equipment
  • Verification of simulation models (comparison between network simulation and recording)
  • Analysis of load peaks in energy consumption

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Hubert Göbel GmbH has a wide range of recording measuring devices that are suitable for recording at a single measuring point as well as for time-synchronous recording at several measuring points.


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