Measurement data with added value

We can use the measurement data we collect to modell assets (like transformers and instrument transformers) digitally and simulate electromagnetic transients. This enables us to bring our practical and theoretical technical know-how together to help us clarify complex situations conclusively. We also use logarithms to extract the knowledge contained in data.



Synergy effect -  diagnosis

Synergy effect -  power quality

  • Asset modelling
  • Simulation of electromagnetic transients
  • Data analysis
  • Consulting
  • Trainings
  • Electrical measurements to determine asset parameters (transformers and instrument transformers)
  • Recording signals to validate the results of simulations

The quality assurance of assets and plants starts with its design and engineering. Simulations and modelling enable us to determine possible transient stress on assets at an early stage.

Many companies have already collected data from monitoring their asset (e.g. data from transformer monitoring systems etc.), but they don´t value them. We can help you to analyse the data and to extract the important information and knowledge it contains.

Your benefits:

  • Precise modelling of transformers and instrument transformers by determining paramteters
  • Early assessment of transient stress on asset based on simulations
  • Clarification of complex situations using our skills in diagnosis, power quality and simulation
  • We extract knowledge from your data.
  • Consulting and trainings