Condition assessment of high voltage assets

The condition of assets can be verified by means of diagnostic tests. We provide test programs adapted for each situation, carry out specified measurements as specified by the client and assist with interpreting measurement data. We also help yout to develop tailormade maintenance strategies and asset management plans.



Synergy effect - power quality

Synergy effect -  analysis

  • Measuring the capacitance and dissipation factors for bushings
  • Electrical measurements on site (ratio, resistance, dissipation factor, frequency response, partial discharge, etc.)
  • Taking and analysing pil samples
  • Supporting acceptance tests on site
  • Analysis of transformer stress due to harmonics and transient surges
  • Unbalanced load measurements
  • Help when creating specifications for procuring or overhauling transformers
  • Advice on suitable maintenance strategies
  • Overall condition assessment
  • Data analysis and management
  • Interpretation of results
  • tranformer modelling and simulations
  • Trainings

When it comes to quality assurance, it is important to carry out tests on transformers and bushings during commissioning (to make sure no problems have been caused during transportation or assembly) and to repeat these tests periodically. When faults do occur (e.g. when protection relays are triggered, or when oil analyses are abnormal) then it is necessary to carry out test measurements to verify the condition of the asset. Transformers for wind power and photovoltaic systems are subject to particulary high thermal and mechanical stress. It clearly make sense to test transformers like these periodically.

Your benefits

  • Many years of experience with transformers
  • Quickly on site
  • Operational reliability
  • Legal compliance
  • All diagnostic measurements from one source
  • Evaluation of the overall situation
  • Condition assessments in the form of a "Health-Index"
  • Comprehensive database as the basis for our evaluations and assessments