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Diagnostic measurement of transformers

Transformers are very important and expensive devices. Due to the liberalization of the power market, costs of transformer maintenance have to be reduced. Therefore old transformers stay operable as long as possible. Furthermore the increasing load factor of those electrical devices shortens their working life expectancy. Persistent diagnosis of transformers helps to detect possible problems early and thus extends their working life range. At the same time it offers the opportunity of adequate decisions in case of malfunction and calculating replacement investments.

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Image 1: Diagnostic measurements on a three-phase transformer

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Radiator fan control of older transformers

Transformer stations are often in close neighborhood of residential areas. By and by these areas are growing towards the stations. The noise of some of the original built-in fans surpasses the noise emission of the actual transformers. Complaints by local residents are the result.

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Image 2: External programmable fan controller for older transformers

Application of an SPS-supported external control for fan-engines

The advantage is the reduction of noise by temperature adapted rotational fan speed. Thus, the entire eight radiator fans rotate at an oil-temperature adjusted frequency. Below 30Hz, the rotation of the fans is within the normal operation-noise and not audible. In addition, a reduction of noise is achieved by a programmed turn-on behavior of the fan engines.

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