Quality Generates Reliability

When unplanned asset outages take place or when the power quality is not fulfilled, there can be huge consequences. Our customized services enable you to avoid asset failures occurring and ensure power quality requirements are fulfilled.

A transformers failure can quickly lead to grave problems for your business: production can be seriously impaired or even come to a complete standstill. For example, it can stop the energy from a wind-power plant being fed into the electricity network. Assets that cannot work at full capacity or outages can mean high financial losses. It can also lead to damage to the production facility itself or even endanger operational reliability.

Specific power quality requirements (According to the IEC 61000 standards) must be fulfilled in power systems. On the one hand, a poor power quality in the network can impact on the voltage assets, and on the other, poor power quality endangers the stability and operation of power electronic based assets. Both can result in asset outages and fines. The topic of "power quality" is particulary relevant for operators of wind power and photovoltaic plants as these power electronic based plants generate harmonics.

For companies working in the field of electrical power systems it is essential to carry out a contineuous condition assessment of high voltage assets as well as a check of the power quality of the network. As a specialised service provider with many years of experience to our name, we deliver customized services specially designed to suit your needs to provide you with the best possible support in the fields of power quality and diagnosis of high voltage assets.