Modeling and simulation services

In the case of planned changes or extensions to your existing network, the network calculation using a simulation is an effective and efficient means of identifying technical challenges as early as in the planning phase.

With the help of powerful simulation programs, it is possible to analyze the current state of your energy supply network in a first step. Based on this, any changes can be simulated by adapting the network model accordingly. A cost-intensive wrong design of e.g. planned components or the isolation coordination can be avoided thereby.

Likewise, in case of acute problems in your network (e.g. detected by fault recorders or caused by a trip of the protection), a fault analysis can be performed based on a simulation study. If the network has already been simulated in a simulation program, this procedure allows the disturbance to be clarified quickly and efficiently. In addition, suitable remedial measures can subsequently be derived from the analysis.

If you need a basic steady-state analysis of your electrical power supply network, e.g. to determine network losses, network bottlenecks (network utilization) or to properly parameterize your protection systems, we offer you a network calculation in the form of a load flow and short-circuit calculation.

If you need a more in-depth investigation of your network (usually a network section), e.g. to analyze events occurring for a short time (transient phenomena), a time domain simulation is particularly suitable. Especially the EMT simulation is a method for network calculation with the maximum information content in the simulation results.

If you deal with network calculations yourself, but you need support in modeling equipment, we will be happy to assist you with our know-how and expertise for such tasks as well.

In general, the modeling and simulation of electrical networks requires on the one hand a deep theoretical understanding of processes in networks and on the other hand sufficient experience with the use of simulation tools. In addition, a good know-how about the operating equipment is necessary.

In order to meet all these requirements and finally to be able to offer you a high quality service, we cooperate in this area with the network expert Prof. Dr.-Ing. M. Kizilcay. Learn more about his many years of experience in the fields of network calculations, network studies and network modeling directly on the website of Prof. Dr.-Ing. M. Kizilcay