Clean solutions - clean networks

For the safe operation of electrical power supply networks, currents and especially voltages must meet certain quality characteristics. We offer our customers specific solutions for both low voltage and higher voltage levels. With its primary relevance in the low voltage, power quality has for some years now also reached the higher voltage levels up to the extra-high voltage grid, as both grid pollution from the low voltage is transferred to the higher voltage levels and new technologies are increasingly installed there. For this reason, it does not make sense to draw a clear distinction between the voltage levels, although their generator-consumer structure and the operating equipment installed differ greatly from one another in some cases.

The need of the industry to reduce its energy consumption as well as its load peaks has given rise to our field of energy efficiency. Besides the pure implementation of an energy management according to DIN EN ISO 50001 or an environmental management according to EMAS, the active work with the systems can save operating costs in the long run and create the basis for a sustainable business.

Would you like to be able to measure and evaluate your network quality yourself? We offer annual training courses for this purpose.

In the event that you have identified a specific power quality problem, but are unsure who is to blame or how the problem can be solved, we will be happy to advise you.