Three Points of View - One Big Picture

Diagnosis - Power quality - Analysis (DNA): our DNA approach links our different areas of work and specifically makes use of the synergies this achieves. We adapt to the individual requirements of our customers and deliver precisely customized solutions whichcan also deal with highly specific problems. We can investigate individual aspects, but can also deliver the big picture. 

Due to our many years of experience diagnosing transformers and our expertise in the related areas of power quality, modelling and simulation, we are able to understand all the different aspects of a problem and to work out a solution systematically. We draw on our many years of practical experience, and on our in-depth understanding of the different kinds of assets which we combine with our expert knowledge in the field of power quality. Having the ability to create models and to carry out simulations helps us to evaluate specific asset issues by using our integrated approach. This is of particular advantage when it comes to renewable energies because in this kind of plants power electronic systems come usually into play (wind power, photovoltaic, HVDC). Designing and diagnosing these systems requires wellfounded expertise from a range of different disciplines.


For millions of years it has been the building block of life - a real success story. And just like the way the elements of the molecular structure are interlinked in the biological DNA, the synergy effects of our "DNA" approach interlink the different areas of our work. An ideal example of how to deal with complex technical matters. And a perfect approach for solutions which lead to success.