Services in the Area of Diagnosis

Damage to or unplanned breakdowns of operating equipment can quickly become a serious problem from a business perspective: Production at a plant is impaired or even comes to a complete standstill. Energy generated in a wind turbine can no longer be fed into the power grid. If operating equipment is only able to function to a limited extent or fails completely, there is a risk of high financial losses. This can also result in damage to the production facility and, in the worst case, jeopardize operational safety.

These damages and unplanned failures of operating equipment often happen because the technical condition of the operating equipment deteriorates due to both aging and the high operational stresses. This deteriorated technical condition manifests itself through various symptoms that can be detected through appropriate measurement technology. For this purpose, a distinction is made between online monitoring systems and diagnostic measurements.

For important operating equipment, permanent monitoring of the condition (online monitoring) can be a useful measure. The main focus of online monitoring is the early detection of anomalies before damage to the equipment occurs.

Diagnostic measurements are required for all operating equipment. These serve as quality assurance after the operating equipment has been manufactured (acceptance tests at the factory and on site during commissioning). On the other hand, diagnostic measurements are also a very important instrument for assessing the condition of operating equipment during operation.

Under the service area "Diagnostics" we support you with online monitoring systems as well as with diagnostic measurements. We offer test programs adapted to the situation, carry out specified measurement programs and provide assistance in the interpretation of measurement data. In addition, we support you in the development of tailor-made maintenance strategies and asset management measures.

The focus of our know-how is on the diagnosis of transformers and converters. We are also happy to support you with diagnostic measurements of other operating equipment (e.g. on cables / overhead lines, rotating machines, circuit breakers, MSCDN systems, grounding systems, filter systems, etc.).