Clean solutions - clean networks

In order to ensure electrical power systems run safely, currents and above all voltages have to fulfil specific power quality requirements. We deliver services adapted to each customer´s wishes to identify and solve any problems related to power quality. These include measuring network quality on site and recording analogue and / or binary signals.


Power quality

Synergy effect -  diagnosis

Synergy effect -  analysis

  • Recording signals
    • to assess power quality
    • to verify the gride code
  • Verifying the accuracy of measurement devices
  • Measurement of the frequency dependent ration of instrument transformers
  • Determinating harmonic impedances
  • Evaluating measurement data from power quality measurements
  • Consulting and trainings

Before and after comissioning large plants (e.g. HDVC or wind turbine systems) it is essential to assess the power quality. it is also advisable to carry out tests at regular intervals as the power quality situation can change in the course of time.


Your benefits

  • We design individual solutions to measure power quality.
  • Determination of frequency dependent ratio of instrument transformers
  • Recording signals for evaluating electromagnetic transients (e.g. grid-code verification)
  • Reliable assessment of how measurement devices comply with accuracy requirements