Modeling of operating resources

The modeling and simulation of electrical networks, especially the simulation of electromagnetic processes (EMT) and the simulation of power quality phenomena (e.g. harmonics), depends significantly on the validity of an investigation on the quality of the modeling of equipment.

A detailed modeling of the equipment is also for the simulation of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) of equipment required.

Many of the simulation tools used (PSCAD, Power Factory, etc.) have a library of equipment models which, for reasons of universal usability, do not always meet all the modeling requirements.

Some of the most important requirements for models are, for example, the realistic representation of:

  • Frequency dependence or resonances
  • Voltage dependence
  • Losses (damping)
  • Transit times and travelling waves (overhead lines and cables)

The limitations of conventional models can be determined from the library of simulation tools based on literature, experience or performed investigations (suitability test of a model).

This information forms the basis for determining the need for a survey-based parameterization of models or for a design of operating equipment models that meet the requirements set for the survey.

The first question that should be asked before conducting a study is whether the models available in the simulation tool library are appropriate for the operation under study.

Since inaccuracies are often due to the modeling (not the model used per se, but in the parameterization of the models), it is advisable as a first step to examine to what extent a survey-based parameterization of models can help to increase the accuracy of the models.

There is also the possibility that we can make a realistic estimation of the parameters based on our database of equipment measurements. Such an approach is interesting if a measurement cannot be performed for various reasons.

In a further step, a suitability test of an operating equipment model is recommended. In a suitability test, you receive an assessment (comparable to a "type test") of your equipment models for concrete applications. We bring "light into the dark" for you by determining the application limits and the accuracy of the respective model.

We also support you in designing suitable resource models for specific applications (design of resource models), so that you are in a position to answer special questions, e.g. for EMT or power quality investigations.

Your advantages:

  • Equipment know-how, on-site measurement for parameterization of the models and modeling from a single source.
  • Gain a deep understanding of the use and parameterization of your models
  • Receive open and understandable models (no encrypted models) as we share our know-how with you
  • Profit from our extensive database of equipment measurements, which can be used to parameterize your models
  • Design and parameterization of "plug and play" ready-to-use equipment models for the following simulation tools: ATP-EMTP, Power Factory and PSCAD