Time domain grid studies for electrical grids

In the context of the energy transition and the continuous expansion of renewable energies, a restructuring is taking place both at the distribution grid level and in the transmission grids.

Due to the increasing share of power-electronically controlled generation plants on the low and medium voltage level, significant bidirectional energy flows are now occurring there, which poses new challenges for the grid operators in the electrical energy supply. These changes lead, for example, to shifts in resonances in the grid and to changes in the utilization of operating resources.

Similarly, overhead lines are often replaced by cable lines as part of a plant modernization project. In this case, it must be taken into account that cable lines exhibit electrical behavior that differs from that of overhead lines. During operation, such a change can lead to a negative influence on neighboring components (e.g. transient overvoltage).

For this reason, it is advisable to verify changes in the network with regard to dynamic events, in particular transient processes, using a time-domain simulation.

A time-domain simulation is a network calculation in which the instantaneous values (momentary values) of the courses of voltages and currents at arbitrary points in a network are calculated over a specific period of time (e.g. 2 seconds). This type of network calculation provides the highest information content and can be compared to an oscilloscope in measurement technology.

Time-domain simulation to investigate electromagnetic processes (EMT simulation) is particularly important to ensure that equipment such as transformers or cables are not at risk due to transient events in the network (such as a switching operation). EMT simulation is also used to perform verification of protection and control systems.

Likewise, faults for which transient processes are suspected as the cause can be analyzed. Time-domain simulation can be used to localize and understand the cause of the disturbances so that meaningful remedial actions can be derived.

An EMT simulation is also suitable for assessing power quality events in order to get to the bottom of the causes of these events.

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Your advantages:

  • Know-how in the areas of electrical equipment, modeling and simulation from a single source
  • Insightful fault case analysis for the identification of fault causes, which is essential to avoid a recurrence of the respective fault

  • Flexible approach due to different simulation tools
  • Neutral and manufacturer-independent study
  • Early detection of weak points in the network in the planning phase of plants and thus early identification and evaluation of potential remedial measures

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