Network calculations

The load flow and short circuit calculation is the most elementary form of a network calculation. In order to be able to plan grids or grid extensions as fail-safe as possible, an in-depth knowledge of the occurring load flows and short-circuit currents is necessary.

In order to avoid voltage band violations, for example, it is necessary to determine the reactive power requirements of a power supply network. This can be done as part of a load flow calculation and should be carried out, for example, when the operating mode is changed or when the power supply network is expanded.

Furthermore, a load flow calculation can be used to make statements about the losses occurring in the network, so that an evaluation of the efficiency and the stress on the individual operating resources can be carried out. It is also possible to carry out a more precise evaluation of the load flow situation with known load profiles of consumers, for example to detect temporary load peaks.

To know the state of your network in case of a network fault or to parameterize your protection systems, an analysis of various fault cases should be carried out as part of a short-circuit calculation. With regard to the design of equipment, it makes sense to consider the fault cases for the short-circuit resistance of the system components.

Our service packages:

Hubert Göbel GmbH offers load flow and short circuit calculations in the following packages:

Service Package Basic 1

(Load flow)

Service Package Basic 2

(short circuit)

Service Package Advanced

(Load flow and short circuit)

  • Inventory of the network with documentation (optional)
  • Measurement-based inventory of load and generation profiles (optional)
  • Structure of the network model
  • Load flow calculation for different network scenarios*.
  • Inventory of the network with documentation (optional)
  • Structure of the network model
  • Fault analysis (symmetrical and asymmetrical short-circuits) **
  • Service package Basic 1 and Basic 2
  • Load flow and short-circuit calculation taking into account system controller and load characteristics
  • Elaboration of remedial measures
  • Determination of protection parameters***

* Includes the determination of the voltages (magnitude and phase) at all network nodes or busbars and all branch currents. Likewise, a calculation of the active and reactive power flow at all branches is carried out. Furthermore, in consultation with the customer, other quantities such as power loss and voltage drop calculations can be performed on equipment.

** Includes determination of initial short-circuit current (RMS) and surge short-circuit current (instantaneous) in the network.

*** This service is performed in cooperation with partners.

Your advantages:

  • Detection of weak points in the network where overloads or impermissibly high short-circuit currents can occur
  • Determination of remedial measures to relieve the load on the network
  • Reliable determination of protection settings
  • Determination of power loss in the network, which serves as a basis for improving energy efficiency
  • Expertise in network calculation, measurement technology and electrical equipment from a single source

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