Diagnosis of Transformers and Bushings

Power transformers are the central hub in electrical power distribution and transmission. Accordingly, their condition is crucial for reliable and trouble-free operation. A failure can have serious consequences. The resulting overloads of network sections can lead to widespread supply and production outages. In the event of total insulation failure, dangerous personal injury and immense property damage can result.

Precautionary replacement after a certain operating time is often not an economical alternative, as the cost of replacing this operating equipment can be enormous. In addition, aging is highly dependent on the operating mode and ambient conditions of the transformer. For these reasons, condition or time-based testing (diagnosis) of transformers has become established. If corresponding problems are suspected or if the transformers are located at strategically important points (such as in power plants), monitoring systems are also an option.

We have been involved in the diagnosis of transformers and bushings for over 25 years. In the course of this time we have gained extensive experience. Based on this, our service concepts were developed, which we have adapted to the changing needs of our customers over this long period of time. For example, online monitoring was added to the portfolio. In addition, we have recognized that the fault analysis of transformers does not only require primary technical know-how. The area of power quality as well as the modeling and simulation segment are important areas here.

Our DNA approach meets these requirements, allowing us to perform a holistic analysis of faults.

Your Advantages:

  • Increased operational reliability and legal certainty through professional condition assessment
  • All diagnostic measurements from a single source
  • Diagnostics and online monitoring from a single source
  • Evaluation of the overall situation (DNA approach)
  • Many years of experience
  • Extensive database as the basis for our evaluations and assessments
  • Consulting service