Recording of stationary and transient signals

With our large variety of signal generators, recording devices and sensors, we are able to examine even individual and complex problems.

The spectrum includes both the investigation of the operating characteristics of plants / components in a short time range as well as a longer lasting recording of specific parameters or events.

Typical tasks in the medium, high and extra-high voltage levels are:

  • Evaluation of the transient stress on operating equipment
  • Verification of simulation models (comparison between network simulation and recording)
  • Determination of the transmission properties of equipment
  • Verification of the dynamic characteristics of power electronic equipment (verification of compliance with grid codes)
  • Propagation characteristics of harmonics in a network
  • Measurement of coupled signals on high-voltage cables (e.g. shield currents on high-voltage cables)
  • Clarification of events and disturbances

Our services:

For the tasks mentioned above, Hubert Göbel GmbH offers customized concepts for the recording of stationary and transient signals. The complexity of the measurement is adapted to the needs of the customer.

Your advantages:

  • Individually adapted measurement concept from a single source
  • Wide range of measuring instruments (signal generators, recording instruments up to 1 MHz, broadband current clamps, etc.)
  • Time-synchronous recording of processes at different locations
  • In case of individual questions, we advise our customers on the implementation of measurement technology.


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