Measurement data management

During the lifetime of a transformer, considerable data is collected from diagnostic measurements.

This data contains a high level of information about the condition of a transformer. For this reason, it definitely makes sense to include the collected data in the condition assessment.

Although the advantages of using the measurement data are clear, in practice the added value is rarely extracted from the available data.

Common reasons for this are:


  • Measurement data from the manufacturer's factory tests are only available in paper form or as a PDF.
  • The measurement data from the on-site measurements are only saved as a PDF document.
  • The raw data of the measurements are available, but the evaluation of this data costs too much time and effort.
  • The operator does not have simple software that supports viewing and evaluation (e.g. comparisons).
  • The transfer of measurement data into asset management software is only done in a very truncated form because these tools have not been developed for detailed data visualization and evaluation of diagnostic measurement data.

A condition assessment is usually based on the data measured at the time of the condition assessment.

As a result, the added value of comparability of the measured data is lost during the entire life of the transformer.

From this situation, which is often observed with our customers, we have designed a service concept under which a pragmatic and simple data management can be implemented.

Our services:

The heart of this service is the use of OMICRON's Primary Test Manager (PTM) software.

This software was specifically developed to manage data from diagnostic measurements (incl. oil analysis) and to enable basic evaluations.

Measurement data measured with OMICRON products can usually be easily transferred to the PTM software.

Likewise, measurement data from the use of measuring devices from other manufacturers can be transferred.

Here we evaluate the possibility of importing the data and, if necessary, we provide support in converting the measurement data into the PTM format.

As a result, you receive a functional PTM database filled with your measurement data.

We support you with the complete solution!

Service package 

  • Providing the software (PTM)
  • Transfer of existing measurement data into PTM
  • Support during conversion of measurement data into PTM format
  • Optional hosting at the company Göbel

Your advantages:

  • Central and digital data collection (sustainable)
  • Fast data access
  • Analysis options (comparisons, trend analysis, evaluation)

We are happy to assist you in this Area.

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