Broadband voltage measurement system on bushings

A broadband voltage measurement refers to a measurement in which the transmission behaviour (frequency-dependent complex transformation ratio) of the sensor used (e.g. voltage transformer) is linear and resonance-free.

The bandwidth requirements of a voltage measurement depend on the phenomena that are to be evaluated from the measurement. In practice, a common application is a power quality (voltage quality) measurement according to IEC standards 61000-4-30 and 61000-4-7, which have certain requirements for the bandwidth of the voltage measurement.

According to the IEC standards, harmonics, for example, should be measured with a high accuracy at least up to the 50th order (i.e. 2.5 kHz). As an extension to this, power quality measurements are increasingly being carried out according to IEC 61000-4-7, covering the range from 2 kHz to 9 kHz.

Furthermore, due to the increased use of converter technologies with pulse width modulation (PWM), the so-called super harmonics in the frequency range from 2 kHz to 150 kHz are increasingly coming into focus, for which suitable measurement concepts are already required from medium voltage.

Due to the fact that the usable frequency ranges of the usual inductive and capacitive voltage transformers are very limited, alternative voltage transformers must be used for a reliable and resilient measurement of the power quality as well as for a measurement of transient processes (especially in the extra high and high voltage).

One option is to retrofit the (substation) equipment with electronic transformers, such as RC dividers. Since this option is not always feasible for various reasons (time, costs, space, etc.), there is very often a need for a short-term and cost-effective alternative.

This problem was recognised by Hubert Göbel GmbH and a service concept was developed as a solution to it, which is described in this document.

Our services

Hubert Göbel GmbH has many years of experience in the diagnostics of feed-throughs.

This know-how was used to develop a safe, accurate and broadband voltage measurement concept.

The installation and commissioning of the bushing divider is offered as follows:

Service Package


  • Provision of suitable sensors for voltage measurement*
  • Design and commissioning of the bushing divider
  • Measurement of the bushings and determination of the overall accuracy of the bushing divider
  • Dismantling of the measuring system
  • Placement of the PQ measuring device in a weatherproof control cabinet (optional)
  • Weatherproof installation of the entire measuring system (optional)
  • Provision of a suitable (PQ) measuring device; optionally also a weatherproof PQ measuring device with IP65 protection class (optional)

*If you already have suitable sensors on the penetrations, we are also happy to use these after a detailed inspection and measurement.

Your advantages:

  • Obtain a clear view of what is happening in your network.
  • Safe and precise measurement system, which is installed ready for operation within a few hours
  • Reliable and resilient measurement of both power quality and transient voltages in high and extra-high voltage

  • Holistic, sophisticated voltage measurement system incl. weatherproof accommodation of measurement equipment in a free-standing control cabinet
  • Extension of the measuring system for broadband recording of currents at the transformer possible
  • Advice on your existing measuring systems and on the selection of suitable sensors

We are happy to assist you in this Area.

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