Verification of the transmission behaviour of transducers and sensors

The transmission behaviour of a transducer describes how the transmission ratio behaves as a function of the frequency. The nominal transmission ratio of a transducer is only specified for the nominal frequency (50 Hz or 60 Hz) on the nameplate.

At the moment, there is no existing IEC standard that requires the determination of the transmission behaviour of a transformer during factory testing. It is a fact that in most cases the grid operators do not or only very rarely have measurements of the transmission behaviour of their installed transformers.

For this reason, it is recommended to determine the transmission behaviour of the transformers in order to assess the significance of a power quality measurement.

The suitability of a transformer or a divider for a power quality measurement can be assessed by the accuracy data for the magnitude and phase angle error of the frequency-dependent transmission ratio. This accuracy information can be determined by measurement.

Two basic approaches are available for this purpose:

  • Invasive verification
  • Non-invasive verification

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  • Invasive verification of transmission behaviour up to 3 kHz
  • Invasive verification of the transmission behaviour up to 1 MHz (transfer function-based determination)
  • Set-up of a reference measurement system (feedthrough divider, Rogowski coil)*.
  • Start-up of a high-frequency measurement on the transducer to be tested and on the reference measurement system
  • Evaluation of the frequency-dependent transmission behaviour up to 3 kHz (optionally up to 10 kHz)

*The scope of the measurement system can be found in our services "Broadband voltage measurement on bushings" and "Broadband current measurement system on bushings".

Your advantages:

  • Complete non-invasive verification from a single source
  • Comprehensive testing of your equipment
  • Flexible measurement concepts for optimal customer-specific implementation of on-site verification

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