Measurement and evaluation of power quality

For the reliable and safe operation of electrical systems, currents and especially voltages must fulfil certain specified quality characteristics. For this purpose, on the one hand, the energy supplier must ensure a voltage quality according to DIN EN 50160 at the customer's grid connection point. On the other hand, the customer himself should regularly check both the voltage quality within his installation to protect his equipment and the grid perturbations emanating from it, which in turn pollute the upstream grid of the energy supplier. After all, reduced power quality leads to various problems (EMC interference, increased heating up to destruction, etc.), operational failures and associated high costs. Therefore, have the power quality in your company checked regularly, especially before installing a new system, in order to prevent electrical problems.

Similar to checking the water content of the brake fluid in a car, a measurement does not cost much, although a malfunction can have serious consequences.

Our services

We offer a wide range of measurements to evaluate the power quality and are happy to advise and support you in choosing a service package that suits your needs.

Based on our experience, we have designed ready-made service packages that are suitable for the typical occasions of a power quality measurement:

Service Package

Basic NQM1

Service Package

Advanced NQM2

Service Package

Premium NQM3

  • Basic evaluation of power quality according to EN 50160/ IEC 61000


  • Interharmonics in voltage up to 49th order


  • Upper harmonics in the voltage from 2 kHz to 9 kHz (optional)


  • Disturbance records (20 kHz time histories / 10 ms rms values)
  • All evaluations of the Basic service package




  • Harmonics in the current up to the 50th order as 10 min or 200 ms-average value (3 sec average value optional)


  • Interharmonics in the current up to 49th order


  • Harmonics in the current from 2 kHz to 9 kHz (optional)
  • All evaluations of the Advanced service package




  • Display of the time curves of the 10 min/ 3s average values of the harmonics, interharmonics, harmonics from 2 kHz to 9 kHz.


  • Detailed statistical evaluation of the recorded measured variables with the Göbel PQ-Analyzer (e.g. for statistical description of the background harmonics)

Your advantages:

  • Receive a comprehensive assessment of your voltage quality with our comprehensive Basic service package at a very good price/performance ratio.
  • Detailed measurement and evaluation of the measurement data from one source
  • In-depth data evaluation with the Göbel PQ-Analyzer
  • Primary-technical and secondary-technical know-how from one source: ONE contact person for the evaluation of the complete measuring chain (transducers, sensors, PQ-measuring devices)
  • Flexible measuring concepts and the use of different measuring devices


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