Design of equipment models

The modeling and simulation of electrical networks, especially the simulation of electromagnetic processes (EMT) and the simulation of power quality phenomena (e.g. harmonics), depends significantly on the validity of an investigation on the quality of the modeling of equipment.

A detailed modeling of the equipment is also for the simulation of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) of equipment required.

The majority of simulation tools (PSCAD, Power Factory, etc.) have a library of equipment models.

For reasons of universal applicability, such models do not always fulfill the desired requirements for certain applications.

However, since a study is nevertheless indispensable for the assessment of certain phenomena (e.g. in the planning of a plant or for the clarification of a fault), a certain inaccuracy of the models is consciously or unconsciously accepted. If the inaccuracy of the model is not known, a proficiency test can be a good tool to find out possible weak points.

The main reason for the inaccuracies of the models is that the voltage and frequency dependence as well as the topological structure of the models do not always correspond to reality. To avoid the aforementioned limitations, it is often necessary to design resource models that are tailored for the application under investigation.

If you have come to the conclusion that you need better models of operating equipment for your investigations, this service would be suitable for you.

Our service

In this service we support you with the design of models according to your needs.

In a free and non-binding meeting we clarify the initial situation and requirements of the customer.

Based on this we check what kind of modeling approaches would be conceivable to meet the given needs.

The models are designed to be as independent of simulation tools as possible. Nevertheless, the customer's wishes with regard to specific simulation tools are taken into account.

After the models have been designed, they are validated by means of a suitability test in order to prove that the designed models meet the requirements.

Your advantages:

  • Improved validity of your studies
  • Receipt of a proof of the resilience of the designed models
  • Receive "plug and play" ready-to-use equipment models for the following simulation tools: ATP-EMTP, Power Factory and PSCAD.

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