Suitability check of operating equipment models

The first question that should be asked before conducting a study is whether the models available in the simulation tool library are suitable for the operation under study.

Some conclusions are already available from numerous publications on the suitability of various resource models (e.g., Cigré WG 02 of Study Committee 33, 2000).

Nevertheless, as a network analyst, the question arises to what extent the simulation models reflect reality.

To be able to clarify this question, it is useful, for example, to compare simulation results with measurement results.

In practice, however, it is often difficult to consider the actual network conditions that have a certain impact on the simulation results (e.g. short-circuit power of the network, residual remanence of transformers, etc.).

For this reason, Hubert Göbel GmbH has an alternative approach to check the suitability of equipment models.

Under the service "Suitability testing of equipment models", fundamental questions about the accuracy and application limits of equipment models are clarified under laboratory conditions.

Our service:

Available equipments (e.g. transformers, bushings, transformers, cables, arresters, switches, etc.) are used in the Hubert Göbel GmbH laboratory for the suitability test.

The device under test is modeled according to the specifications of the simulation tool.

Measurement setups are subsequently prepared in the laboratory to simulate the phenomena to be investigated (e.g. switch-on process, switch-off process, etc.).

The time courses of current and voltage are recorded during the emulation of the phenomena.

In the next step, exactly the same conditions are produced in the simulation. Thus, comparability between measurement and simulation is established, under which reliable and extensive verification of the accuracy of simulation models can be performed.

Your advantages:

  • Extensive matching possibilities between model and simulation, which are given by the laboratory approach
  • Reliable approach (no influence of external network conditions)
  • Gain of experience with the application limits of your resource models
  • Cost-effective method for verifying the accuracy of resource models (no on-site measurement required)
  • The knowledge gained avoids misinterpretation of simulation results due to inappropriate modeling

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