Survey-based parameterization of models for EMT simulation

The limitations of conventional models can be determined from the library of simulation tools based on literature, experience or performed investigations (suitability test of a model).

This information forms the basis for determining the need for a survey-based parameterization of models or for a design of operating equipment models that meet the requirements set for the survey.

The first question that should be asked before conducting a study is whether the models available in the simulation tool library are appropriate for the operation under study.

Since inaccuracies are often due to the modeling (not the model used per se, but in the parameterization of the models), it is advisable as a first step to examine to what extent a survey-based parameterization of models can help to increase the accuracy of the models.

Measurement-based parameterization means that the respective simulation model is parameterized with the help of electrical measurements performed on the equipment.

The same measurement technology that is usually used for the diagnosis of equipment is also used to perform such measurements. Also, the types of measurements required for parameterization (e.g. an impedance measurement) are very often identical to those used for diagnostics.

The advantage is that in the case that a measurement of a piece of equipment is not possible, measured values from our diagnostics database (e.g. from equipment of the same type) still allow a realistic assessment of the actual parameters.

Our service:

Within the scope of this service, customized solutions are worked out.

The first step is to determine whether a measurement-based parameterization makes sense. For this task we offer a free and non-binding consultation.

If we come to the conclusion that there is the eventuality for an improvement in accuracy based on a measurement-based parameterization, the second step is to work out a measurement concept.

There, the required measurement data (incl. measurement setup) are described, which are necessary for the improved parameterization. If necessary, the elaborated concepts can be verified under laboratory conditions in order to prove the resilience of the parameterization.

In the third step, the measurement-based parameterization is carried out. For this purpose, we are happy to use the measurement data of the operating equipment at your disposal. Alternatively or in addition, we support you with the execution of the required measurement and, if necessary, draw on our database of equipment measurements to estimate the parameters.

As a final result you will receive a detailed documentation of the parameterization.

If desired, the performed parameterization can be implemented directly in the models (applies only to the following tools: ATP-EMTP, Power Factory and PSCAD), so that you get a "plug and play" solution.

Your advantages:

  • Gain of experience to what extent the validity of your study can be increased by an improved parameterization
  • Receipt of proof of the resilience of the developed concepts for measurement-based parameterization

  • Performance of on-site equipment measurements and parameterization from a single source
  • Profit from our database of equipment measurements, which can be used for parameterization of your models
  • Parameterization and design of "plug and play" ready-to-use equipment models for the following simulation tools: ATP-EMTP, Power Factory and PSCAD

We are happy to assist you in this Area.

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